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Start accepting bitcoin payments for FREE

Risk and commission free with Gobaba checkout service

gobaba premium

How it works

  1. Integrate Cryptocurrencies on check out Your customers choose to pay with cryptocurrency during the checkout process.
  2. Your clients pay the invoice We convert it into the currency of your choice instantly.
  3. You get paid You get direct deposits into your bank account in EUR or any currency you want. It’s that simple.
gobaba premium
Competitive processing fee Unlike other providers Gobaba does not charge you any comission fees
Super easy to integrate Check out our developer-friendly integration document
Risk Free No chargeback or fraud risk at all!

Gobaba rates*

*Individual exchange rates may differ

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • DOGE
ACCEPT BTC AT 4794 .55 USD 4244 .51 EUR
BUY BTC AT 5733 .00 USD 5075 .07 EUR
ACCEPT LTC AT 72 .88 USD 64 .51 EUR
BUY LTC AT 87 .25 USD 77 .24 EUR
ACCEPT DOGE AT 0 .00277 USD 0 .00245 EUR
BUY DOGE AT 0 .02773 USD 0 .02455 EUR

Clear and transparent fees

  • Withdrawal FEE
  • Refund 0.001 CC
Withdrawal Options
  • International Wire Transfer
  • SEPA